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Exhibition 1

22nd October 2009:  Ben Jones Art Tours Visit

11th November 2009: National Museums of Women in the Arts Tour

1st December 2009:  Birkbeck Univesity, BA History of Art Group Tour

16th December 2009:  Courtauld University, MA History of Art Group Tour

15th January 2010: Reading University, BA Fine Art Group Tour

3rd February 2010: Cambridge University, BA History of Art Group Tour

10th February 2010:  Lydia Maria Julien in conversation at New Hall Art Collection

11th February 2010:  Lydia Maria Julien workshop with artist at Perse school for Girls

Exhibition 2

21st September 2010:  Young Professionals in the Arts curators talk Ben Jones Art Visit tour

12th October 2010:  Exhibition Performance Evening Late Night Open to Public

14th October 2010:  Curator of Centre Pompidou exhibition tour and talk

15th October 2010: Deutsche Guggenheim Club Patron Group for curator talk and tour

2nd November 2010:  Oxford Brookes Student lecture by exhibition curator

3rd November 2010:  Royal Academy of Arts curators talk and tour Whitechapel Gallery curators talk and tour
                                 National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington curators talk and tour

7th November 2010:  Kettles Yard Patrons curator’s talk and tour Public Open Afternoon in Cambridge

23rd November 2010:  University of Cambridge Undergraduate History of Art Students seminar

23rd November 2010:  Wysing Art Centre, Patrons Tour

24th November 2010:  Cambridge University History of Art lecture Friends of Magdalene College attended tour Cambridge University Alumni tour

2nd December 2010:  Friends of Magdalene College attended tour 

3rd December 2010:  Cambridge University Alumni tour

3rd December 2010: Open University ‘Return to Art History’ seminar

Exhibition 3

28th November 2011: Exhibition Tour led by Tracey Warr, Oxford Brookes at University, at New Hall Art Collection.

6th December 2011:  Exhibition Tour for the students of Anglia Ruskin University, at New Hall Art Collection.

7th December 2011:  Exhibition Tour for the students Cambridge University History of Art Faculty, at New Hall Art Collection.

27th January 2012:  Ben Jones Art Tour at ROLLO Contemporary Art

2nd February 2012:  Love Art London Tour at ROLLO Contemporary Art including Curator’s Talk, Question and Answer session with Helen Carmel Benigson and live performance via Sykpe from Princess Belsize Dollar

7th February 2012:  UCA research seminar led by Tamar Garb at ROLLO Contemporary Art with curator talk and Q and A with Philippa Found

26th April 2012:  The Body in Women’s Art Now Project, talk by Philippa Found at the Woman’s Library, London, by invitation of the Feminist Art Society